Marisa Rodríguez

Canning cooperativist, Monte del Tabuyo (Luyego, Castilla y León, Spain)

Monte del Tabuyo is a social-enterprise business engaged in the transformation of agrofood produce.

Marisa has worked as a nurse and also mayoress of her village, but along with four other local colleagues she became a rural entrepreneur in 2003, and set up a forest produce canning business (wild mushrooms, asparagus, raspberries etc.), and this expanded in 2007 with a small restaurant.

This project was awarded one of the Castilla y León Regional Government's Department of the Environment's “De la Acción a la Sostenibilidad" Prizes in 2010, it also took one of the Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Areas' 12 Innovation Excellence Awards for Rural Women, and the 2013 Rural Development Prize in the National category from the Macario Asenjo Foundation in Segovia.Marisa is also the president of Cooperacti@s and a founding partner, along with another 17 female chefs and producers in the community, of Entretantas Cocineras in Castilla y León.

Marisa Rodríguez



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