Judith Naves

Founder and owner of the ASTURsabor company (Langreo, Asturias, Spain)

Judith Naves runs culinary enterprise Astursabor, which makes preserves from all the autochthonous varieties available in the Principality of Asturias.

Judith Naves is the third generation of a family with ties to the catering business, and at the age of only twenty she decided it was time for a rethink, and for the company to come up with a different kind of offer. Different meant relaunching the business as a gourmet meat preserves company based on local varieties in Asturias. 

These varieties were on the brink of oblivion, but this situation has been rectified by the company's efforts in recent years. Judith Naves, whose products are backed by the "Alimentos del Paraíso" quality brand, makes use of all the local varieties of Asturias: "gochu asturcelta" pork, "xaldu" lamb, "asturcón" colt, Asturias valley beef, "pito pinto" cockerel and "bermeyu" goat.

Naves' business project has won a large number of awards such as Langreo Entrepreneur 2016, and the Ministry of Agriculture's Excellence Award for Innovation by Rural Women. 

Judith Naves



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