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Diana Díaz

Head chef at El Invernadero* (Madrid, Spain)

Head chef and right-hand woman to chef Rodrigo de la Calle, Diana Díaz forms part of the new generation of vegetable chefs who continue to showcase the colour green on diners' plates.

Born in Toledo, Diana Díaz fell under the culinary influence of her mother and grandmother, who not only taught her to cook, but to learn the secrets of the plantation that kept her family supplied with food. 

She studied at the Adolfo Catering School and Toledo's Universidad Laboral, and established the basis of her vegetable cuisine alongside Koldo Rodero, with whom she worked for a decade. She then went to work with Rodrigo de la Calle at El Invernadero, where she also heads up the creative process and manages the daily round at this restaurant, now held to be the world's number two vegetable cuisine outlet. 

She has won a large number of culinary awards, such as the International ”Jaén Paraíso Interior" Extra Virgin Olive Oil ("AOVE") Cookery Award at San Sebastian Gastronomika Euskadi Basque Country 2022.

Diana Díaz



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