Fatmata Binta

Chef at Fulani Kitchen (Accra,Ghana)

Inspired by her Fulani roots, the new “Rising Star" of The Best Chef Awards 2021 offers authentic cuisine which is also modern and also fully socially and environmentally committed.

Binta, who was born and grew up in Freetown (Sierra Leone) with a first-generation family of Sierra Leone Fulanis from Guinea, describes herself as a modern nomad chef. She has a love of travel in her blood, just like her ancestors, and she conveys it in her cookery, where she combines her Fulani roots with what she learned at the Kenyan Culinary Institute.

Her passion is to show African nomad cooking to the world, and so her recipes feature ancient cereals, spices used by natives, and a range of typical East African ingredients. 

One of her main ingredients is fonio, a typical local cereal now celebrated as a drought-proof superfood, which has a smaller environmental impact than rice or wheat, and is also gluten-free.

Fatmata Binta



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