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Ana M. Merino y Cristina y Ana Collado

Chefs and maître at Vista Alegre (Colunga, Asturias, Spain)

Ana María Merino, Ana and Cristina Collado Merino, mother and daughters, are the representatives of Vista Alegre, a restaurant in the Asturias "concejo" of Colunga, at a vantage point overlooking the beautiful bay next to the La Griega beach.

The three women are the second and third generation running a business established around the 1960s by their grandparents and father Vicente. When Vicente died at an early age, they were left in charge of the cooking (Ana senior and Cristina), which focuses on tradition, quality and the proximity of produce. 

The dining room, with a magnificent terrace, a small cosy space and a large area for functions, is managed by Ana as the face of the restaurant, handling diners along with José behind the bar.

Ana M. Merino y Cristina y Ana Collado