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Pedro Noriega

Chef at Castru Gaiteru (Celorio, Asturias, Spain)

This representative of Asturias grilling methods prepares fish and meat over his embers.

Pedro (Pello)'s first contact with cooking, funnily enough, was a punishment. When he was a lad he preferred fishing and other activities to books, and his parents decided to teach him a lesson by having him help out at the restaurant in his aunt's hotel, El Migal, in his home town of Cué. 

Three summers later, the punishment had become his profession. He studied at the Llanes Catering School and worked at El Corral del Indianu alongside José Antonio Campoviejo, and then at L’Alezna with Pedro Martino, and Deloya with Javier Loya, all well-known restaurants in Asturias.

In 2014 he established Castru El Gaiteru, and elaborated his fare until he found the way forward by cooking on grills, where he is a complete master. His work was acknowledged in 2017 when he was a finalist for the Madrid Fusión Revelation Chef Award, and won the Public's Prize, gaining him popularity and broadening his scope towards a more suggestive cuisine.

His cooking is based on top-quality products, always local produce from Asturias, with an extra touch of creativity.

Pedro Noriega