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Beatriz Pérez García

Founding partner of Bodega VidAs (Cangas del Narcea, Asturias)

A founding partner in Bodega VidAs since 2012, she is also the winery's director of exports, production processes, marketing, promotion and sales.

Beatriz Pérez García, born in Pola de Allande, holds a doctorate in Physics from the University of Murcia and a degree in the Physics of Materials from the University of Oviedo. When she completed her doctorate, she moved to Asturias and worked as a researcher at the University of Oviedo. 

In 2012 she set up a new winery, VidAs, a family project seeking to assist with conservation and development of vitiviniculture in southwest Asturias. The wines produced here are made exclusively with grapes selected among the local varieties - white "Albarín", black "Albarín", black "Verdejo" and Carrasquín.

She was president of the Cangas Wine Protected Designation of Origin for two years, following more than seven on its management board. 

Beatriz Pérez García