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Fernando Rueda

A historian specialising in traditional cuisine and the sociology of food

This Málaga historian knows more than anyone about Málaga's culinary heritage, the focus of a large part of his research and effort.

With degrees in Philosophy and Letters from the Universities of Málaga and Granada, specialising in Geography and History, Fernando Rueda has worked mainly in researching, publishing and reporting the anthropological, ethnological and ethnographic stereotypes of Málaga and Andalusia.

He is the author of more than forty books on ethnography, with a particular focus on the cuisine of Málaga and Andalusia, where he is a genuine expert because his work has mainly concerned the study of traditional cookery and the sociology of food. 

He is a member of the Andalusian Historical Heritage Council's Andalusian Ethnology Commission and president of GASTROARTE, the Andalusian Gastronomy Group which makes up one of Spain's most prominent fine gastronomy movements.

He is a lecturer on food expertise courses and master's modules at a number of universities (the International University of Andalusia, University of Córdoba, Chair of Andalusian Gastronomy, University of Granada), and coordinator of the Encyclopaedia of Traditional Andalusian Cuisine.

Fernando Rueda