Congreso Internacional de mujeres gastronomía y medio rural

Euskadi Basque Country


Ana Vega

Gastronomy journalist specialising in culinary history

Known as “Biscayenne” in social media, this Bilbao journalist is a documentalist, researcher and publicist of forgotten recipes.

Ana Vega is one of the gastronomy journalists who has spent most time on retrieving the country's culinary heritage. She works in various media, including the Vocento group, “El Comidista” (by gastronomy critic Mikel Iturriaga) and Basque television, and has gained fame in recent years for her reports on the country's classical, historical and pop cookery. 

She is the author of a book on traditional cuisine, “Cocina viejuna”, and the founder of 'Los Recetarios‘, a collective-collaboration project to rescue old and all-but-forgotten recipes.

All this won her the 2018 National Gastronomy Prize for best work by a journalist.

Ana Vega