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Rosario Cruz Cobos

Member of the Asociación Cocineras Tradicionales de Oaxaca, (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Representing Oaxaca through her cooking and her traditional fare is this chef's greatest pride.

Rosario Cruz was born in San José Chiltepec, Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico, and her culinary passion emerged at an early age. Although she was the youngest of 15 siblings, she was always willing to lend her mother a hand in the kitchen, and this was how she became a chef, by watching her mother as she helped her. 

Her family, in fact, has major gastronomic links, and the Cruz Cobos family even has its own recipe: roast pork. Her father was the roast pork pioneer, a dish the family had been selling since she was born. 

This recipe and all her region's cooking are a considerable responsibility for Rosario, and they also gave her the chance to leave her own state and visit some of the country's gastronomic events, such as the "El Saber del Sabor" festival or the three encounters already organised by Oaxaca's "Cocineras Tradicionales". 

Naturally, roast pork is Rosario's speciality, in addition to other typical Oaxaca fare, and she always cooks it with the same passion handed down to her by her parents, proud of continuing the tradition. 

Rosario Cruz Cobos