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Marián Martínez

CEO at El Cenador de Amós*** (Villaverde de Pontones, Cantabria, Spain)

From the beginning Marián Martínez's professional career has been linked to the Cenador de Amós restaurant, which she shares 50-50 with husband and chef Jesús Sánchez.

With a professional trajectory spanning over two decades, Marián is in charge of team motivation and management of human resources at Cenador de Amós. Over the years she has studied tools for personal development and growth, where she discovered one of her passions and the chance to apply her knowledge to staff training and also to customer service.

She finds management of human capital, talent, continuous improvement and the application of emotional intelligence fascinating, and most especially in view of the opportunities this knowledge provides to be applied on the floor of her restaurant.

She is now committed to new environmental challenges, and heads up the restaurant's development project in a more sustainable ambiance (she has obtained "Energy Excellence Cuisine" certification from both Repsol and Aenor). Her restaurant has also earned 3 Michelin Stars and 3 Repsol "Sol" awards.  

Marián Martínez