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Amaranta Rodríguez

Manageress and maître at Culler de Pau** (O Grove, Galicia, Spain)

The workings of Culler de Pau are based on the tandem of Olleros in the kitchen and Rodríguez on the restaurant floor. The harmony of this location in Galicia is also a feature of the team working at Culler de Pau.

You don't have to tell anyone working in the hospitality sector how tough the hours are. Amaranta found out about that straight away when she fell for chef Javier Olleros. She was working in administration at a photovoltaic company, but she got tired of the impossible hours which meant she could never be with her partner, and so she decided to take the plunge and team up with Javier when Culler de Pau opened for business. 

Initially she continued her job along with the restaurant, and learned all about the sector and restaurant floors from scratch. Since then she has trodden a long path, during which Culler de Pau has been transformed into a veritable benchmark of Spanish gastronomy in which Javier Olleros is tasked with creative cuisine, while Amaranta takes charge of the restaurant, the chef's agenda, coordination and staff.

Amaranta Rodríguez