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Pamela Villagra

Gastronomic journalist and founder of Gastromujeres Colombia

Journalist and gastronomy critic Pamela Villagra indulges in her two passions - food and writing - and publicises products, destinations and cuisine.

This Chilean journalist trained as a gastronomy chronicler in Spain. She spent seven years in Valencia promoting local gastronomy through "La Cultura del Almuerzo" and "Wikipaella". Nowadays she focuses on the gastronomy trio formed by Colombia, Chile and Spain.

She has worked with several gastronomy publications, including the magazine "Tierra Querida", "El Tiempo", "Sobremesa", "Paladares", "La Barra", "Food and Wine", "Social Food", and the Spanish Coffee Federation, among others. She was editor of the 2019 Bogotá Gastronomy Guide, and is the founder of "Gastro Mujeres Colombia", a platform that showcases food and agricultural projects with a feminine outlook. 

She also teaches at the Gato Dumas Institute, and leads gastronomy journalism workshops.

Pamela Villagra