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Esther Manzano

Chef at La Salgar* (Gijón, Asturias, Spain)

Shy of microphones and media attention, she comes into her own in the kitchen, where she demonstrates methodical perfection as a demanding virtuoso.

Her wish to go unnoticed and concentrate on pots and casseroles meant that her role in the Manzano clan's restaurant group was often relegated to the background. The truth of the matter is, however, that there can be no understanding of Casa Marcial's cuisine without the tandem of the Manzano children: Nacho and Esther, Esther and Nacho. 

The second of four children, she was raised in the family's cookery business, but did the official exams to work in the justice system, and had not thought about working in gastronomy until Nacho went back to Casa Marcial after learning the trade at other restaurants, whereupon she was "hooked". After dividing her time for a while between working as a civil servant and working in the kitchen, cookery eventually won the day. With Casa Marcial, they have succeeded in making the family business an acclaimed restaurant with two Michelin Stars, and Esther has enhanced this status with another Michelin Star for La Salgar. 

A cookery perfectionist, she tastes items again and again until they are just the way she wants them. A devotee of traditional gastronomy, she is also inquisitive, and does not rule out innovation. 

Esther Manzano