Congreso Internacional de mujeres gastronomía y medio rural



Elena Lucas

Chef at La Lobita* (Navaleno, Soria, Spain)

With a light, product-focused cuisine, Elena Lucas transports the Soria landscape to the plate with her imaginative creations.

Elena Lucas' background is linked to the history of her restaurant, La Lobita, originally a simple eatery that was run by her grandparents, expanded by hard work on the part of her parents, and finally consolidated as a gastronomic benchmark by the third generation of which she forms part. Since 2001, Elena has had the courage to add professionalisation to tradition, and her work has been rewarded with a Michelin Star (the first restaurant in Soria to achieve this) and two Repsol "Sol" awards.

She was raised among casseroles, frying pans and pans, and although she had more of a fondness for paint brushes, cookery finally won the day.  This chef has maintained traditional cuisine, albeit with an additional touch, especially with wild mushrooms and the season's vegetables. It is her work with mushrooms, in fact, that has won most acclaim, and she is even known as "the black truffle chef". 

Elena Lucas