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Charo Carmona

Chef at Arte de Cozina (Antequera, Málaga, Spain)

Charo Carmona is a genuine institution in her native Antequera thanks to her rigour concerning traditional recipes.

Chef Charo Carmona sees cooking in the same way as past generations saw it, and so at her restaurant, Arte de Cozina, food is cooked the way it has always been cooked. At the Arte de Cozina restaurant in a typical 17th century Antequera house there is no room for adaptation, and traditional recipes are the order of the day. Carmona's cuisine demonstrates rigour and also a large amount of research, since she has gradually retrieved all the Andalusian hinterland's culinary know-how, with the assistance of historian and gastronome Fernando Rueda.

For all this work on retrieving traditional Málaga cuisine and support of local culinary culture, in 2019 Carmona won Spain's award for showcasing the values of gastronomy ("Premio a la Divulgación de los Valores de la Gastronomía"). 

Charo Carmona