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Lara Roguez

Chef at Kraken ArtFood (Bioparc Acuario, Gijón, Spain)

Signature cuisine with a capital S, committed to the local larder and brimming over with colourful ideas.

This industrial technical engineer dropped her studies to throw herself into cooking. She trained at Bridgend College in Wales, and after a year as head chef at what was declared the best foreign-food restaurant in Wales, she decided to go back to Spain and work with Nacho Manzano.

In late 2018, Lara headed up a new project: the Kraken ArtFood Restaurant at the Gijón Aquarium, with a show-cooking feature and an extremely creative and amusing signature style, filling plates with all the flavours of the sea.

Her fare combines the cuisine of Asturias with recipes and flavours from elsewhere. She produces fun, eye-catching, creative recipes, drawing on the taste of the sea and seasonal produce.

Lara Roguez