Congreso Internacional de mujeres gastronomía y medio rural


Green and adjustable. The Garçons chef jacket for FéminAs


The Barcelona brand is working alongside Vocento Gastronomía once more, providing the FéminAs chefs with a chef jacket to unify sizes, adjustable as required.

At an event where women are the star attraction, Garçons was keen to "give women the importance they deserve by creating an item solely and exclusively for them", explains Joan Camacho, founder and creative director of the Barcelona brand. Just as it did for San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country, Madrid Fusión and Meeting of the Seas, Garçons is working alongside Vocento Gastronomía once more, and has been detailed to supply chef jackets for the female speakers at this first round of FéminAs.

The jackets are green (a nod to the rural environment and harmony with the surroundings), in "fresh, comfortable, light" organic cotton, with a "practical, versatile" design, which can be adjusted to each person's size thanks to the exclusive Garçons template”, says Camacho. “After many months of testing, prototypes and analysis of various types of human bodies, we came up with a basis (template) enabling us to bring together a number of sizes in a single garment”. 

But there is a "trick”. Camacho explains: “This model and the future models will be available in two types, GAR and ÇON. The first type, GAR, runs from the smallest size, 36, to a 44, and the second type, ÇON, from a 46 to a 52. Anyone exceeding these sizes will be S”. A new sizing method to emerge at FéminAs, “our starting point in a new understanding of clothing in the gastronomy sector”.

But, adds Camacho, “at Garçons we welcome free interpretations and readings of our models by each person", and so he is inviting everyone to voice their opinions on the brand's social media.